NIBR Purpose

Main Funtions

① To establish the sovereignty over biological resources

 Secure and collect specimens and evidential data to identify species endemic and indigenous to Korea

 Secure useful overseas biological resources including genetic resources

 Conduct nationwide survey and research on the national biological resources

② To Build a foundation for biotechnology and conduct utilization research

 Support biotechnology development by setting up a foundation for use of national biological resources

 Support research on application and development of biotechnology and studies of related-institutes

 Collect information on biological resources that have potentials for utilization

③ To create national biodiversity information system and support biodiversity policy

 Set up a database of biological resources information and publish a series of national biological resources research

 Support establishment and implementation of national policy on biological resources and enhance international cooperations

④ To raise awareness on biological resources and nurture professionals

 Provide exhibitions on Korean indigenous species and the importance of biological resources

 Develop and provide various education programs targeting the general public and experts

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