Various surveys and research projects are being conducted in order to secure, preserve and manage national biological resources.

Major NIBR projects include :

the survey of indigenous biological resources of Korea

the compilation of a national list of indigenous species of the Korean peninsula

the inventory and management of endemic species of Korea

the survey of threatened and/or important taxa in strategic regions

the flora and fauna of Korea project

the documentation of type and voucher specimens of indigenous species of Korea

systematic studies of important taxa in Korea

molecular phylogenetic analyses of major Korean taxa

the genetic evaluation of important biological resources

DNA barcoding for biological resources

the establishment of the original phylogeny of major taxa in Korea.

the National Biological Resources Database project

the optimization and standardization of the storage and management of biological resources collections.

the conservation and restoration of biodiversity in the Korean peninsula

long-term studies on the changes in the biogeographical characteristics of the Korean peninsula

the survey and conservation of endangered species, and

the monitoring and management of wildlife


The NIBR features top-notch laboratories and corresponding equipments to conduct in-depth studies in morphology, anatomy, phytochemistry and molecular systematics and genomics.

Advanced Research Equipments

Advanced Research Equipments chart
Equipment Qty Location
Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM) 1 Electron Microscope Lab
Real-time Thermal Cycler 1 Genetic Resources Analysis Lab
Optical Microscope
(Fluorescence Microscope, Compound Microscope,
Stereoscopic Microscope, etc.)
80 Central Microscope Lab,
Anatomy and Morphology Lab,
Research Offices
Thermal Cycler 3 Molecular Systematics Lab
Gradient Thermal Cycler 1 Molecular Systematics Lab
Automated DNA Extraction System 1 Molecular Systematics Lab
Freezing Microtome 1 Anatomy and Morphology Lab
UV/VIS Spectrophotometer 1 Chemical Systematics Lab
High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) 1 Chemical Systematics Lab
Ultra-low Temperature Freezer 15 Genetic Resources Storage,
Molecular Systematics Lab,
Central Instrument Lab,
Anatomy and Morphology Lab
High-speed Centrifuge 1 Central Instrument Lab
Freeze-dryer 1 Central Instrument Lab
CO2 Incubator 2 Culture Room
Specimen Scanning System 2 Vascular Plan Research Lab
Soft X-ray Apparatus 2 Vivarium
Microtome 2 Biodiversity Lab
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