Biodiversity Research and Cooperation Division

Major research interests

Serves as the National Biodiversity Center, develops Korea’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAPs), monitors and reviews the implementation of the country’s NBSAPs, prepares the country’s national report, participates in international discussions, including the CBD and CITES meetings, as one of the country’s representatives, and responds to relevant issues strategically

Conducts joint research projects with NIBR’s counterpart institutions in megadiverse countries to protect and conserve global biodiversity, promotes the country’s bio-industry by identifying, having access to and using biological materials with potential benefits in a sustainable manner, helps to strengthen capacities of megadiverse countries, including publishing and handing over illustrated books of biodiversity and duplicate specimens to NIBR’s counterpart institutions, and organizing biodiversity-related capacity building programs

Implements programs funded from official development assistance (ODA), such as the Ecuador National Data Bank of the Genetic Resources Project

Builds a comprehensive information system on flora and fauna of the Korean Peninsula, including information of species and specimens and uses of species, and operates the country’s CBD Clearing House Mechanism, called CBD-CHM Korea, which is a biodiversity information sharing system

Builds and operates an information management system on imported or exported wild animals, ranging from import or export, entry, transfer of ownership and captivity of wild animals to disposal of their carcasses

Biodiversity Research and Cooperation Division (Division) develops Korea’s NBSAP, responds to issues for biodiversity-related agreements and conventions to develop a plan for the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) at the national level, ensures the national implementation of the Kunming-Montreal GBF, implements the measures to protect international endangered species, and provides strategic responses. The Division also works to protect and conserve biodiversity around the world. To do this, the Division strengthens global networks with megadiverse countries, expands joint research with such countries, supports the bio industry’s growth by identifying biological resources with potential biotechnological uses, and implements ODA programs on biodiversity protection and conservation. The Division develops a comprehensive information management system on biodiversity of the Korean Peninsula. Moreover, the Division manages comprehensively and systematically information about biodiversity of Korea by developing a comprehensive information system to manage the life cycle of wildlife.
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