Plant Resources Division

Major research interests

Establishes and operates cooperative systems among the industry, academic and research institutes in regards to biological resources

Accelerates the utilization of biological resources and transfers study results

Manages patents and industrial property rights

Collects and processes traditional knowledge and analyzes its utility

Collects, analyzes, processes and provides utility-related information

Secures, manages the quality of and distributes at home and abroad the source materials for the bio-industry

Produces and provides data and conducts study on standardization to distribute bio-materials

Surveys, collects and conducts research on overseas biological diversity and establishes and manages international cooperative systems

Carries out tasks on securing and utilizing overseas useful biological resources

Plant Resources Division studying Bryophyte, Ferns, Gymnosperms, and Angiosperms identifies diversity and species composition of; carries out research on conservation and management of; develops search system of; evaluates usefulness of; and secures plant resources. Through systematic research on flora, the division consistently acquires basic materials for specimen processing and research of plants, and examines taxon of Korean endemic/indigenous plants and its delimitation, taxonomic location, speciation mechanism, and phylogenetic relationship by morphological, anatomic, cytological, and molecular phylogenetic analysis. Specimens of plant resources obtained at home and abroad are housed in preservation facilities and plants collected across the nation are raised in NIBR’s greenhouse and experimental garden.
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