Sixty-one scientists in NIBR actively conduct various survey research projects on biological resources. They are also responsible for collections management and collaborating with the Division of Exhibition and Education regarding public programs.
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Name Division Research interests E-mail
KANG Jae-Shin Plant Resources Division Ecology of antarctic microalgae
KANG Ji Hye Genetic Resources information Center Korean environmental law, international environmental law and policy on biodiversity
Myounghai Kwak Plant Resources Division Population genetics; Conservation genetics of endangered species; DNA barcoding; Violaceae; Abies
KU Yeoun-Bong Microorganism Resources Division conservation biology
KWEON Seon-Man Strategic Planning Division Phylogeny of Fishes
KIL Hyun Jong Genetic Resources information Center Mollusca Taxonomy
KIM, Ki-Gyoung Plant Resources Division Systematic study on Genus Aphaenogaster (Hymenoptera) in the East-Asia
Dong-Won Kim National Migratory Birds Research Center Ornithology
KIM Min-Ha Plant Resources Division Plant systematics
KIM Byung-Jik Animal Resources Division Phylogeny and Comparative anatomy (fish)
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