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Title NIBR Announced “A total of 47,003 species are indigenous to Korea”
Name 홈페이지 관리 Date 2017-03-10



NIBR Announced “A total of 47,003 species are indigenous to Korea”

NIBR announced that there are a total of 47,003 indigenous species in Korea as of December 2016. The number is based on the results of the project entitled “The Compilation of Inventory of National Biological Resources”.

The number of indigenous species has been updated since the 1996 project: Literature Survey on Biodiversity in Korea. According to the project, there were 28,462 species inhabiting Korea. Over the 20 years, 18,541 species have been added, reaching a total of 47,003 species.  


NIBR plans to release the national list at the end of June and December each year to support government policy, bioindustry and scientific research.

The national list consist of 1,971 vertebrates, 25,497 invertebrates, 5,379 plants, 4,840 fungi and lichen, 5,857 algae, 1,750 protozoa, and 1709 prokaryotes.


 “The National List of Indigenous Species of the Korea is growing in importance, given that ‘the Korean ABS Law (tentative name)’ was enacted,” NIBR president Woonsuk Baek said. “While we have accomplished a lot, we still have far to go to find more species waiting to be discovered in Korea.” It is estimated that there are 100,000 species in total that inhabit the Korean peninsula.




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