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Title NIBR Held the 19th Korea ABS Forum for the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol
Name 홈페이지관리 Date 2017-06-05
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NIBR Held the 19th Korea ABS Forum for the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol


The 19th Korea ABS Forum was held in Seoul under the theme of “Sectoral Utilization of Foreign Genetic Resources and Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol.”

The forum on 26 May provided recent trends of the implementation by Korean bio-industry including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural sectors and discussions on the ways to utilize the foreign resources in compliance with the Protocol.

‘The Korean ABS Law (tentative name)’ was enacted on 17 January 2017 and the Korean Government has ratified the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing on 19 May 2017. Under the circumstances, national implementation measures have been required, especially for domestic companies that use foreign biological resources.

In recent years, Korean companies have raised concerns about the ABS implementation, but few companies have prepared for the ABS regime.

In order to support the companies and research institutions concerning the ABS matters, NIBR has provided the ABS Newsletters and ABS Consultation Services to give them recent ABS trends at home and abroad.


Woonsuk Baek, President of NIBR said: “The ABS Forum served as a venue to share experiences and practices of the bio-industry for the utilization of foreign genetic resources in compliance with the Protocol. I think the forum gave the opportunity to forge a link with the Korean Government and private sectors for the better implementation of the Protocol.


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