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Preservation and Management of Collections

Status of Collections

  • As of December 2016, the institute holds approximately 2.83 million specimens, obtained through various survey/research projects and donations.

<The number of specimens housed at NIBR (as of December 2016)>

Division Source
Survey/research project Donation Total
Total 2,316,510 522,258 2,724,828
Vascular plants 609,096 37,077 646,173
Fungi, Lichen, Algae and Prokaryotes 245,487 3,189 248,676
Vertebrates 46,127 5,950 52,077
Invertebrates 954,233 124,884 1,079,117
Insect 333,688 351,158 684,846
Genetic Resources 127,879 - 127,879

Collections Preservation Facilities

  • With a total area of 6,558 m², the collections preservation facilities are the largest in Asia. Comprising 19 major storage areas for preserved specimens, fresh tissues, and genetic materials of plants, fungi, algae, lichens, invertebrates, and vertebrates, the storage facilities have a maximum capacity of over 11 million specimens.
  • The storage areas are equipped with custom-designed compactor units, automatic climate control systems, UV-free lighting, and halon gas extinguishing systems.

<Collections preservation facilities at NIBR>

<Collections preservation facilities at NIBR>
  Storage area Area (㎡)
Total   6,558
Plants Vascular plant collections storage 718
Non-vascular plant collections storage 217
Plant type specimens storage 209
Liquid-preserved plant collections storage 214
Plant collections storage 399
Seed collections storage 317
Animals Vertebrate collections storage 397
Liquid-preserved vertebrate collections storage 484
Invertebrate collections storage 821
Insect collections storage 1 317
Insect collections storage 2 397
Liquid-preserved insect collections storage 217
Animal type specimens storage 208
Microorganism Fungi collections storage 217
Genetic Resources Genetic Resources Cold storage 35
Genetic Resources Cryo-storage 80
Genetic Resources storage 1 317
Genetic Resources storage 2 217
General Temporary storage: Dry specimens 492
Temporary storage: Liquid-preserved specimens 492

NIBR's facilities for making and processing specimens

Specimen Preparation and Management Facilities

The Institute also has facilities for making and processing various types of specimens. These include specimen preparation rooms for vascular plants, fungi, algae, vertebrates, invertebrates, and insects; a drying room; a specimen loan processing room; a photography and image processing room; and a fumigation room.