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Loan and Visitor Policy

photos of specimens of Vascular plant, Non-vascular plant, Vertebrate, and Invertebrate.

  • Specimen loans are only allowed to persons who are in permanent research or curator positions at internationally well known institutions or universities with specimen management facilities. All specimens loaned from NIBR are restricted only in research purpose.
  • We do not issue a loan for a permanent or indefinite period, and a specimen in a certain condition such as rare, fragile, unique or type.
  • To request a loan, please send an email or written request to the appropriate address at the bottom of this page. Please include the following information:
    - Borrower's name, date of birth, nationality, institutional mailing address, phone and email address.
    - A brief description of the research project or proposed educational use of specimens.
    - A list of specimens requested. Please be as specific as possible.
    - Any specific requests for destructive research methods.
  • Loans of specimens are normally made for a period of six months unless permission is obtained for a longer term. After six months, the return of the material may be required before a re-loan is granted. Extensions of the loan period may be granted at the discretion of the curators.
  • Loans may not be transferred to other individuals or institutions without prior written permission from NIBR curators.
  • The NIBR open to visitors with scientific reasons to study our collections. Anyone wishing to study the collections should first contact one of the following staff members prior to your visit.
Opening hours
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. /
Weekends and holidays : closed

<Specimen Loan Requests should be sent to curators.>

<Specimen Loan Requests should be sent to curators>
Division Taxon Representative researcher Contact Number e-mail
Plant Resources Vascular plants Won-Hee Kim (Tel)+82-32-590-7185
Jin-Hee Kim (Tel)+82-32-590-7392
Animal Resources Liquid-preserved vertebrates Sun-Man Kwon (Tel)+82-32-590-7486
Vertebrates Hwa-Jung Kim (Tel)+82-32-590-7475
Animal Resources Insects Tae-Woo Kim (Tel)+82-32-590-7465
Invertebrates excluding insects Eun-Jung Nam (Tel)+82-32-590-7065
Biological and Genetic
Resources Utilization
Specimens of
Genetic Resources
Min-Ha Kim (Tel)+82-32-590-7070