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Internet Copyright Policy

Pursuant to the Copyright Act, all materials provided by the websites of the National Institute of Biological Resources("NIBR") are copyright protected. Users should abide by the copyright protection policies as follows.

① Under the Article 24.2 of the Copyright Act, the user can freely use any works for which NIBR holds author’s property right in whole without obtaining permission.
However, the user should check whether the freely accessible materials are marked with '‘Korea Open Government License (Gonggongnuri, "KOGL") Type 1 , before using them. In case of using the openly licensed materials, the user should indicate the origin of the materials in a specific way.

② On this website, there are some materials that NIBR does not hold copyrights in whole.
Thus, if a person intends to use the materials that KOGL mark is not attached, the person should have prior consultation with the website content manager.

③ When setting up a link to any materials of this website on other web-pages, please set a link to the "Internet Copyright Policy" together with the materials so as to prevent the user from infringing this Internet Copyright Policy.

④ In case of using materials without '‘Korea Open Government License (Gonggongnuri, "KOGL") Type 1 attached , it can be subject to copyright infringement by third parties. Thus, the user is only possible to access the materials, otherwise the person may be subject to legal punishment. NIBR will make constant efforts to help the public safely utilize biological information.

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