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Various surveys and research projects are being conducted in order to secure, preserve and manage national biological resources.

Major NIBR projects include;

  • the survey of indigenous biological resources of Korea
  • the compilation of a national list of indigenous species of the Korean peninsula
  • the inventory and management of endemic species of Korea
  • the survey of threatened and/or important taxa in strategic regions
  • the flora and fauna of Korea project
  • the documentation of type and voucher specimens of indigenous species of Korea
  • systematic studies of important taxa in Korea
  • molecular phylogenetic analyses of major Korean taxa
  • the genetic evaluation of important biological resources
  • DNA barcoding for biological resources
  • the establishment of the original phylogeny of major taxa in Korea.
  • the National Biological Resources Database project
  • the optimization and standardization of the storage and management of biological resources collections.
  • the conservation and restoration of biodiversity in the Korean peninsula
  • long-term studies on the changes in the biogeographical characteristics of the Korean peninsula
  • the survey and conservation of endangered species, and
  • the monitoring and management of wildlife


The NIBR features top-notch laboratories and corresponding equipments to conduct in-depth studies in morphology, anatomy, phytochemistry and molecular systematics and genomics.


<Advanced Research Equipments>

<Advanced Research Equipments>
Equipment Qty Location
Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM) 1 Electron Microscope Lab
Real-time Thermal Cycler 1 Genetic Resources Analysis Lab
Optical Microscope
(Fluorescence Microscope,
Compound Microscope,
Stereoscopic Microscope, etc.)
80 Central Microscope Lab,
Anatomy and Morphology Lab,
Research Offices
Thermal Cycler 3 Molecular Systematics Lab
Gradient Thermal Cycler 1 Molecular Systematics Lab
Automated DNA Extraction System 1 Molecular Systematics Lab
Freezing Microtome 1 Anatomy and Morphology Lab
UV/VIS Spectrophotometer 1 Chemical Systematics Lab
High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) 1 Chemical Systematics Lab
Ultra-low Temperature Freezer 15 Genetic Resources Storage,
Molecular Systematics Lab,
Central Instrument Lab,
Anatomy and Morphology Lab
High-speed Centrifuge 1 Central Instrument Lab
Freeze-dryer 1 Central Instrument Lab
CO2 Incubator 2 Culture Room
Specimen Scanning System 2 Vascular Plan Research Lab
Soft X-ray Apparatus 2 Vivarium
Microtome 2 Biodiversity Lab