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Animal Resources Division

Major research interests

  • conducts morphological, phylogenetic, molecular biological, and taxonomic analysis on animal resources
  • surveys animal resources
  • collects and systematically manages specimens of animal resources
  • researches geographical distribution of animal resources
  • carries out joint research on animal resources
  • promotes utilization of wildlife and investigates and manages its habitats
  • studies flyway and habitats of migratory birds
  • manages animal facilities
  • Animal Resources Division consists of four research teams: (1)Birds, Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles; (2)Fish; (3)Invertebrates; (4)Insects.
  • (1)Birds, Mammals, Amphibians·Reptiles Research Team tracks wildlife using satellite technology; studies flyway of migratory birds and protects them; promotes international cooperation in management of migratory birds; researches climate-sensitive biological indicator species; and deals with CITES-related issues concerning birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles.
  • (2)Fish Research Team studies application of fish resources; and deals with CITES-related issues concerning fish.
  • (3)Invertebrates Research Team researches indigenous animal resources, publishes 「Fauna of Korea」; and studies climate change impact on biodiversity.
  • (4)Insects Research Team establishes an interactive key system of Korean indigenous species; investigates economic insects and studies application of them; and forms a foundation for surveys and utilization of insects inhabiting the Korean peninsula.
  • Animal Resources Division systematically and comprehensively manages specimens of national and foreign animal resources; and supports sustainable use of biological resources.