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Biological and Genetic Resources Utilization Division

Major research interests

  • Establishes and operates cooperative systems among the industry, academic and research institutes in regards to biological resources
  • Accelerates the utilization of biological resources and transfers study results
  • Manages patents and industrial property rights
  • Collects and processes traditional knowledge and analyzes its utility
  • Collects, analyzes, processes and provides utility-related information
  • Secures, manages the quality of and distributes at home and abroad the source materials for the bio-industry
  • Produces and provides data and conducts study on standardization to distribute bio-materials
  • Surveys, collects and conducts research on overseas biological diversity and establishes and manages international cooperative systems
  • Carries out tasks on securing and utilizing overseas useful biological resources

The Biological and Genetic Resources Utilization Division establishes cooperative systems among the industry, academic and research institutes to support the utilization of national biological resources and collect research information and results of the utility of aboriginal biological resources to provide them to the industry. Also, along with managing industrial property rights including patents, which are the results of research, it verifies and assesses industrialization promotion tasks. In addition, it discovers traditional knowledge about aboriginal biological resources, which serves as the basics of utility research, and verifies their utility. The division operates Genetic Resources Bank, Wildlife Natural Products Bank and Korean Wild Plant Seed Bank for the securement, quality management and distribution of source materials to support the bio-industry to utilize them. It also carries out characteristic studies such as developing technologies for long-term preservation and mass propagation of not only useful biological resources but also endangered wildlife. Furthermore, it carries out survey, discovers and conducts research on wild species of major areas in foreign countries to promote the conservation of biological diversity of our planet. By establishing close cooperative systems with countries with rich biodiversity, it conducts research and manages to utilize overseas useful biological resources as source materials for Korea's bio-industry.