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Biological and Genetic Resources Assessment Division

Major research interests

  • Genetic diversity of major biological resources (endangered species, endemic species, and species with economic value)
  • Establishing a DNA barcode system of Korean species
  • Management of the frozen tissue and DNA bank of indigenous species
  • Reconstruction of a phylogeny of Korean species in order to explore their origin
  • The indigenous species and its genetic resources are raw materials for the biotechnology industry. It is essential to secure, preserve, and manage of national biological resources, which has come to be one of the most important high tech industries of this century.
  • Biological and Genetic Resources Utilization Division is in charge of research on genetic resources field. We support research on native species as biological resources related to molecular systematic, genetics, genetic engineering, conservation biology, molecular ecology, molecular biology, and comparative genomics from the establishment of frozen -tissue bank and DNA bank. We provide a supporting foundation through an accumulation of genetic information of Korean species and DNA barcode system, which provide fast and accurate identification of indigenous biological resources at the genetic level. All the division at NIBR conduct comparative genetic research in cooperation with morphological studies and the genetic data are further analyzed and integrated through our division.